ADHD Assessment


Research has advanced in recent years and deepened our understanding of adult & childhood ADHD. These advancements have allowed more individuals to better understand their years of struggle & for the mental health community to offer more effective recourses.


T.O.V.A. is a highly sensitive computerized attention measuring test that aids clinicians in the assessment, evaluation and treatment of ADHD. The official T.O.V.A website states, “T.O.V.A.® …is the most widely used objective measure of attention in the world, and is considered the “Gold Standard” among measures of its type.” There are over 260 peer reviewed articles using the T.O.V.A test.”

Possible Signs of ADHD

  • Constantly feeling overwhelmed
  • Difficulty completing tasks or projects
  • Difficulty keeping focus, or focusing too much
  • Appearing restless & fidgety, or “couch potato”
  • Impulsivity
  • Excessive talking
  • Easily agitated
  • Social awkwardness

The Process

  1. Begin with an intake conducted by one of our trained providers. You do not need a doctor referral.
  2. Take the T.O.V.A. test
  3. Schedule a follow up to discuss results, recommendations and recourses.

Be Prepared

  • Avoid caffeine (coffee, caffeinated tea, energy drinks, chocolate) the day of your Assessment.
  • If possible, do not take your morning dose of your mental health medications until after T.O.V.A.