Miranda McDonald

Miranda is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a National Certified Counselor who provides
individual therapy for adolescents and adults. Miranda has experience working with adults and
juveniles who have been involved in the legal system. She is also passionate about working with
clients who are processing grief, managing life changes, experiencing anxiety,
experiencing depression, managing ADHD, or learning to manage sexual behaviors. Miranda
also enjoys working with clients who desire to incorporate their Christian faith into counseling
Within counseling sessions, Miranda will work with each client to create a safe environment to
build trust and identify specific treatment goals. Her therapeutic approach involves Cognitive
Behavioral components as well as components of Emotionally Focused Therapy. Miranda
believes clients can create lasting change in their lives and works collaboratively with clients to
help them identify their strengths to reach their goals.
In her free time, Miranda enjoys spending time with her family, running, playing games, or going
on long walks. 
Miranda graduated with her undergraduate degree in Christian ministry and psychology and
counseling from Ozark Christian College in 2018 and completed her master’s degree in
counseling at MidAmerica Nazarene University in 2022. Miranda is working toward clinical
licensure under the supervision of Andrew Secor, Ph.D., LCPC, LCMFT, LCAC, CCMHC,